How A Private Investigator Can Help Your Divorce Case

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How A Private Investigator Can Help Your Divorce Case

22 July 2022
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Reaching a point in a marriage where divorce is the only option can be devastating. Cheating and lying by the other spouse only make it worse. You may be considering hiring a divorce lawyer, but before you do there is another step you may want to take. Hiring a private investigator can help with several aspects of your case. Here are some of the ways they can help and how they can help you build your case for your divorce.

Work-Related Issues

If you are seeing child support or alimony, you may run into an issue. Your spouse may decide to lower their work hours to avoid high costs. They may also choose to lie about how much they are actually making or where the extra money is being spent. Your private investigator can find out if your spouse is working and uncover how much they are actually making or if they have a job at all. This can help build the case to ensure you obtain child support or alimony. 

Abuse-Related Issues

If abuse is part of the reason for your divorce, you may need to prove the abusive habits. You may also need to prove a pattern of abuse and possible abuse of previous spouses or relationships. A private investigator can perform searches to determine if there is a past history of abuse and who the abuse was with. They can also find records of previous arrests related to abuse and cases you may not be aware of. 

Cheating-Related Issues

Cheating is a common reason for filing for divorce. However, in some cases, cheating can directly affect your divorce case. If cheating deals with allegations of adultery that could cause the cheating spouse to be criminally charged in your state, then you need proof. Your private investigator can track your spouse and determine if they are cheating and with who. They can also gather evidence of cheating for your case. If you have not yet hired a divorce lawyer, having your private investigator gather proof of the cheating can help your lawyer build the case for adultery.

When you are ready to hire a private investigator, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure the investigator offers the type of services you need. You should also narrow down one or two key points you are trying to find out and prove for the divorce. This will help the investigator narrow down the specific proof they are looking for and help speed up the process.