Purchase Custom Signage That Was Made With Repurposed Materials

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Purchase Custom Signage That Was Made With Repurposed Materials

25 May 2022
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Plastic is a material that many sign companies use to mass-produce standard and custom signage. The use of plastic signage prevents materials from being repurposed at the end of a sign's lifespan. Ordering custom signs that are constructed of renewable materials is a responsible way to invest in advertising materials.

Plastic Cores And Sealants

Plastic that is designed to construct ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signage or custom signage could be made up of one or more plastic varieties. Plastic is typically used to create the cover of a sign. These plastic materials are not accepted by many recycling plants. Due to the difficulty of repurposing plastic signage, many end users may dispose of damaged or worn-out signs. This contributes to more waste being added to landfills.

Green Materials

Many types of wood are used to create custom signage. Raw wood products can be acquired easily. Wood is cut, pressed, sanded, and sealed, all without using any unnatural materials. Since wood varieties include many colors and textures, customizing a sign that is truly unique from other signage is a possibility. Before ordering signage, inquiries should be made about a sign manufacturer's customization processes and the raw materials that they utilize.

Plant-based oils may be used to provide signage with a protective coating. There are many plant varieties that may also be used to pigment wood. Custom designs can include etchings, carvings, and pigmentations. Green materials can be used to create small or large signs that will be displayed on a parcel of land or that will be affixed to interior walls.

A Return Service

Some sign businesses that promote environmental awareness may offer a return service. If green signage is purchased through this type of company, the company may offer a service that will allow consumers to dispose of their signs in an environmentally responsible manner. A sign company may provide a return service. This type of service can be utilized when purchasing new custom signages.

Any signs that are no longer needed can be returned to a manufacturer. A manufacturer may outline the steps that will be taken to repurpose the materials. Wood and other natural materials can be cleaned and transformed back into their raw state. Afterward, the materials may be used to create a new batch of signage. Reviewing a company's repurposing plan will guide a consumer in choosing a sign company that follows responsible practices.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to order custom signs from suppliers near you.