3 Ways To Save Money On Propane Gas For Home Heating

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3 Ways To Save Money On Propane Gas For Home Heating

22 February 2021
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If you can't access natural gas to heat your home with, propane is a good alternative. You can have a large propane tank installed on your property, and you can have it filled up regularly so you can heat your home with gas.

Way #1: Invest in a Larger Tank

If you want to save money on propane, you may want to invest in a larger tank. With propane, the price fluctuates throughout the year based on supply and demand. If you have a larger tank, you can fill it up with a year's fuel supply in the summer when propane prices are the least expensive. You may also get a better price by buying a larger volume of gas all at once.

Even if your tank isn't big enough to provide you with a year's supply of gas, a large tank can reduce how frequently you have to fill up and allow you to take advantage of lower prices and be more strategic about when you purchase gas.

Way #2: Lock in a Good Rate

Many propane supply companies will allow you to lock in a rate for your gas by paying a small, upfront fee. With a price-lock cap, even if the current market demands an increase in the price of propane, you will not have to pay more than the price you locked in. At the same time, if gas prices fall below your price-lock cap, you will be able to enjoy lower prices.

If you can't invest in a larger tank and you need frequent gas delivery, a price-lock cap is often a smart idea. That way, you know the maximum amount you will have to pay each time you get your tank filled throughout the year, and you can still take advantage of lower summer prices.

Way #3: Shop Around

Finally, in most regions, there will be multiple providers that you can get your propane gas from. Call each company in your area, and find out what type of pricing they offer and what type of discounts you can enjoy.

Shopping around is often one of the best ways to find a company that best meets your needs and budget. Some companies will charge more for the propane but not include a delivery fee, for example, whereas others will charge less for the product itself but more for delivery. Shopping around will allow you to find the best propane supply company for you.

When it comes to using propane to heat your home, you can have greater control over your bills by investing in a larger tank, locking in a reasonable rate, and shopping around for the best service.

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