A Few Options To Keep Your Drinking Water Safe And Tasting Good

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A Few Options To Keep Your Drinking Water Safe And Tasting Good

28 January 2021
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Although most of the drinking water that comes from the municipal water company is safe to drink, it may not taste good. This may be due to the chlorine, other additives added, or perhaps from sediment or problems in the pipes between the water company and your faucets. Regardless of why, if you do not like the water's taste, a drinking water filtration system can take care of the problem. There are a few options for drinking water systems. Here is a bit of information to help you choose which one to use in your home. 

Activated Carbon Cartridge

An activated carbon cartridge works well to remove chlorine, sediment, and particles from water. Charcoal formed from the carbon sticks to the molecules, making them too large to pass through the char's porous material. This is the most popularly-used filter and is often used in conjunction with a different type of filtration system designed for the whole house. This type of system is available in cartridges that fit under the sink and connect to the waterline, or as one that fits in a pitcher. 

Reverse Osmosis

It is possible to have a reverse osmosis system for the whole house, or as a simple point of use unit for under your sink. This type of filter can remove most toxins, contaminants, and bacteria from your water. It is an excellent option if you have well water. If you have hard water and use a water softener, a reverse osmosis system will remove the ionic exchange salt. 

Ultra Violet 

When you have concerns that your water may not be safe for everyone in your home, an ultraviolet filter could keep everyone healthy. These filters are capable of killing viruses and bacteria. While they will not remove sediment or any physical particles in the water, they will make it safe. Combined with either an activated carbon cartridge or reverse osmosis filter, an ultraviolet filter will keep your drinking water safe and tasting good.

The municipal water company makes sure that the water leaving the facility is safe for consumption. However, a small break in a pipe anywhere between the water company and your home allows all kinds of things into the water. If you notice the taste or smell is off, or people are getting ill, consider having a drinking water filtration system installed. If you are not hooked up to the municipal water system and use a well, a water filtration system is important.