Switching To A Voice Over IP Service

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Switching To A Voice Over IP Service

29 December 2020
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Choosing a new phone service can be an important step for allowing you to easily lower your phone expenses while still meeting your telecommunication needs. Voice over IP is one of the more modern types of phone services that people can use, but they may have a negative impression of these services due to some of the myths that are often circulated about these internet-based phone service providers.

Myth: You Will Have To Replace Your Phone Number To Switch To Voice Over IP Services

Changing your phone number can be a major ordeal to go through as you will need to update the number that is listed on important accounts that friends, family, or clients may associate with you. Fears about the need to change a phone number can be sufficient to cause some people to avoid changing services altogether. However, this is not something that people should be focused on when making their decision to switch as it is possible to keep your number when you change phone services, and this will apply to voice over IP providers.

Myth: A Voice Over IP Service Will Provide Calls That Crackle And Cutout

A common belief about voice over IP services is the call placed over them will be unreliable and of a low quality. However, modern voice over IP services are capable of providing individuals with call qualities that may even exceed those of conventional phone providers due to their ability to use more efficient digital compression. To ensure that you are getting the best results with your voice over IP service, you will always want to have enough bandwidth to account for the phone service and any other internet-related activities that you are doing.

Myth: It Will Be Far More Complicated To Use A Voice Over IP System

There are many individuals that may not be particularly adept when it comes to the use of technology. However, a voice over IP system will function in the same way as a traditional phone system once it has been installed. This is due to the fact that this system will connect to traditional phones, which will allow most people to also retain their current phone systems when they make the switch to this type of provider for their phone service. Additionally, these services will provide individuals with training information to ensure that they are able to make use of the full range of features that their new voice over IP service offers.