3 Tips For Buying Your First Accordion

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3 Tips For Buying Your First Accordion

4 November 2020
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The accordion is one of the most obscure instruments in the musical world. Learning to play the accordion will provide you with the opportunity to showcase a unique talent.

Because you don't commonly see accordions in the average music store, you may not be familiar with all aspects of this instrument. Purchasing your first accordion can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few tips you can keep in mind to ensure you end up with the right instrument.

1. Select the Right Type

Not all accordions are built the same. Each individual accordion can be categorized as either a piano, diatonic, chromatic, or concertina accordion. It's important that you select the right type of accordion if you are trying to produce a specific sound.

Piano accordions are popular in the jazz, rock, and country music genres. Diatonic and chromatic accordions tend to be featured in folk music. A concertina produces a very traditional sound, making it a great accordion for classical songs.

You will be much happier with your efforts to learn the accordion if you select the type of accordion that will produce your desired sound.

2. Opt For a Light Instrument

Accordions are strapped to the body while being played. Beginners can find the weight of some accordions to be limiting. Even with support straps, heavier accordions can cause serious fatigue.

It's better to invest in a light instrument when purchasing your first accordion. A lighter accordion will allow you to spend a significant amount of time learning and practicing without compromising your comfort.

3. Keep it Affordable

A surprising tip that can help you successfully purchase your first accordion is to look for instruments that are affordable. High-end accordions can be costly, so it's best to leave these instruments in the hands of experienced musicians when looking for your first accordion.

As you learn, practice, and perfect your skill, you will want to trade in your first accordion for an upgraded model. Knowing that the instrument will only be in your possession for a short while, it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money on your first accordion.

Look for low-end or introductory accordions that won't break the bank and save for a high-end instrument for when you are a more experienced musician.

Purchasing your first accordion should be an exciting endeavor. Looking for a lightweight, affordable accordion that will produce the right sound can ensure you end up with an instrument you will be excited to master. Need somewhere to get started? Research the Alacran Accordion AL3112.