A Fresh Look For Your Shop's Property

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A Fresh Look For Your Shop's Property

18 September 2020
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Providing stellar service and keeping the inside of your shop clean will aid in keeping your clients happy, but unkempt grounds could have the opposite effect. If you aren't certain about pruning schedules for particular plants or shrubs or if some brown patches of grass are evident, due to a dry, hot summer, a commercial landscaping maintenance crew who provides complete lawn, plant, and tree care will aid in rejuvenating and maintaining the property.

Where Do You Begin?

Either prepare a list of troublesome areas that you would like to be the main focus during an upcoming landscaping session or leave things open and allow the maintenance team to complete an assessment and provide some strategies that will improve the health and appearance of the lawn and its surroundings.

Maybe you don't have an eye for aesthetical details that will give your property the attractive qualities that you desire, but a landscaping crew is accustomed to beautifying and caring for living plants and grass and can recommend some changes that will add the level of allure that you are after.

Should Some Drastic Changes Be Made?

If grass is the prominent ground covering and the same plants that are growing next to the front entryway to your business have been present for years, you can get creative and add some different items to your lawn that will show your patrons that you care just as much about the outside appearance of your property as you do the inside of your shop.

Lawn striping involves cutting the grass at different angles, either vertically or horizontally, to provide the grass with a symmetrical pattern that appears to be overlapping. Edging is a task that will provide a lawn with a well-defined border and will prevent grass blades from interfering with the hardscaping that is part of your property. Seasonal plant varieties can be used to add subtle or drastic beauty at appropriate times of the year, plus can be intertwined with holiday décor that will provide your property with a themed appearance. 

All of these changes can be conducted during a normal landscaping maintenance appointment. If you have some targeted issues that you want resolve, such as excessive weed growth or bare patches of soil that are impeding the consistency of your lawn, a landscaping crew can apply an herbicide to areas in need or use some aeration and seeding techniques that will promote normal grass growth, to add thickness to the lawn.