Why You Should Stick To The Good Stuff When Buying Perfume

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Why You Should Stick To The Good Stuff When Buying Perfume

10 July 2020
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Whether you are walking up to a cosmetic counter at a department store or shopping online, there is certainly a large variety of different perfumes available on the market today. High-end perfumes remain popular, but there's also a growing market for perfumes from less well-known brands. That said, comparing premium vs. general brands in the perfume industry is not the same as buying the store-brand cereal vs. the name-brand one. Those two cereals might taste exactly the same to you, but when it comes to perfume, the more premium option does in fact offer some real, tangible benefits that could make it worth the premium price. Here's why you should stick to designer brand names when purchasing perfume for yourself or someone else.

Spray Once for an All-Day Scent

The biggest names in perfume design their products to have longevity throughout the day. Just a few drops of a premium perfume will allow the scent to linger from morning until evening. A more general or cheap perfume might smell just as good as the premium version in the first few hours after you put it on, but by the end of the day, that scent will likely evaporate and you'll have to put more on if you want to continue to smell amazing into the evening hours. Less frequent application means that a bottle of designer perfume might actually last you much longer than the generic bottle, and that can mean the price difference suddenly doesn't seem that dramatic.

Designer Scents Can Be Imitated But Not Replicated

Premium or designer perfumes have had years or even decades of research put into delivering the perfect scent. Everyone's nose is different, of course, and you might not notice that a cheap perfume brand smells "worse" than a premium brand if the cheap brand is the only perfume you are currently smelling. But directly compare the scent from a premium brand with a generic one, and most people will tell you that the difference is clear. Premium perfumes are heavily patented and can't be replicated exactly. The bargain bin perfumes might come close to attaining the same scent, but they will never actually be the same.

You'll Simply Feel Better

A premium perfume could work wonders for your confidence. When you get all dressed up and top off your look with the right perfume, you might give your self-esteem a boost as you walk around smelling like a million bucks. Even if the people around you don't lock in on the smell of your perfume, just wearing a designer brand could help you out when it comes to looking and feeling confident as you go through your day or evening.

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