Keep Your Team Members Motivated And Optimistic

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Keep Your Team Members Motivated And Optimistic

12 June 2020
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Young basketball players are impressionable and learn from example and trial and error. Keeping practice sessions consistent, promoting an upbeat attitude, and being supportive after each basketball game will help keep your team members on top of their game and in a positive mindset. Keep reading for some tips for coaching youth basketball.

Make Sure Your Players Know What To Expect

Visual demonstrations, practice dribbling and throwing exercises, and an informal competition may be parts of each youth basketball session that your members participate in. Youngsters will become accustomed to what is expected of them if you decide to keep each group session the same. Consistency can promote confidence and will eliminate any fear of the unknown.

If you have been following an inconsistent schedule so far, take the time to map out how you would like each practice to unfold and write down the various parts of each training session. Ensure that there is enough time for each part of the training. If you have limited time to cover a lot of material, prepare handouts and schedules that the children can bring home with them. Each handout and schedule should pertain to a lesson that is currently being conducted.

For instance, if you are going to provide your team members with some pointers associated with playing offense, briefly go over each pointer and then have the children practice what has been introduced. At the end of the practice session, remind your youth members to bring the handouts home with them and to read over the material, prior to the next practice session. This method will aid in reinforcing information that is essential to proper gameplay.

Be A Positive Influence

Children tend to want to please their mentors and this may be evident when it is time for the children to participate in a friendly basketball game. Be optimistic, before and during each practice session or competition. If your group members fail to beat a rival team or if some of your players struggle with particular skills, tell them not to be discouraged and that you believe that they have what it takes to excel.

Positive reinforcement will build your players' self-esteem and will make each child feel like a valuable member of the team. If you plan on holding an awards ceremony at the end of the season, make sure that each child is recognized for their efforts and encourage each player to return to the team the following season.