Why a Storage Unit is Much Better Than a Storage Container

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Why a Storage Unit is Much Better Than a Storage Container

19 May 2020
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Need to free up some square footage at home, and debating between using a storage pod or a self storage unit? If so, you may find that the self storage unit is going to be better for you because of these reasons.

Easy Access

If you are storing anything that you need access to frequently, such as holiday decorations, power tools, or sporting equipment, then a self storage unit is going to be best for you. It is possible to visit the storage unit at any time to get those items out, and it won't cost you anything to do so. When you use a storage pod, it is stored at a facility where the pod is inaccessible. You have to make a request to drop off the pod at your home, and then another to pick it up. These trips can also cost you money for delivery. Even if the monthly cost is cheaper overall, you'll find that you'll end up paying for it over time with delivery charges. 

Various Sizes

Chances are that your storage needs are going to get bigger over time. While you may start off with a small storage space, you will find yourself struggling with what to do when you run out of space. With a storage pod, you will pretty much be limited to needing to get a second storage pod, no matter how filled up it is at first. With a storage unit, you can gradually move up to larger-sized units to meet your needs. There is some work involved to move your belongings to a new storage unit, but you can gradually increase the size as your needs grow in order to minimize your costs. 

Climate Controls

Have anything that is going to be sensitive to temperature changes while in storage? Know that these items can be damaged in a storage pod. The pods are stored in warehouses that do not have climate controls, meaning that they may be exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures while they are away. Meanwhile, you can rent a storage unit with climate controls if you need one. This provides the unit with a consistent temperature and humidity to ensure that none of your items are damaged while they are stored away. 

Still unsure if a self storage unit is right for you? Reach out to a local storage facility, like Belmont Self Storage, to find out more information about renting a unit.