5 Printing Options For Marketing And Business

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5 Printing Options For Marketing And Business

10 May 2017
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Whether you are looking for ways to promote your business or incentives for employees, there are many types pf printing materials and options to consider. Consider items such as car magnets, door hangers, brochures, bookmarks and more. To give you a bit of inspiration to create your products, here are suggestions to get you started:

1. Printed Car Magnets

Car magnets are more than a fun and colorful way to embellish your vehicle. They can get a message across or advertise your business or cause. Everywhere you drive, people are sure to see your message, image, or logo. Why not increase your company's visibility with a car magnet? They are available in various sizes and may be customized with your image, logo, or message. If you prefer, you can use a template with images already made for you. Consider sports themed images, pet themes, and more!

Car magnets can be removed at any time and reapplied elsewhere. For instance, you can also place these magnetic images on your refrigerator or locker.

2. Custom Printed Door Hangers

These are great for businesses such as cleaning and maid services. Printed door hangers are often used in hotels and motels. Upload your file or use a pre-designed template. Custom printed door hangers are made from premium quality heavy cardstock, resistant to fading. Request a digital proof of your finished product before ordering more. 

3. Professionally Printed Brochures and Menus

Whether you operate a diner, restaurant, or offer one of many services, you'll want to order professionally printed brochures and menus. Choose full-color printing on front and back, and other options as well. For instance, a UV coating will make your brochure stand out with a shiny appearance and long lasting strength. You may also choose from a dull or matte finish.

4. Custom Printed Bookmarks

For your event or business, custom printed bookmarks will make a mark. They are laminated with a glossy coating for durability. You may use your own company logo or image, or select from pre-made designs.

5. Custom Printed and Personalized Napkins

Do you have an upcoming event? There's no better way to add a personal touch then with personalized napkins for your place settings. Depending upon your needs, select from luncheon napkins or beverage napkins. Print your company name, your event, special dates, or any message you wish. Stock logos and images are typically available as well, or you may upload your own image. Choose your color and you're all set.   

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