Making Use Of Old Fabric Swatch Cards

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Making Use Of Old Fabric Swatch Cards

25 April 2017
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Fabric swatch cards play a valuable role in helping customers see and feel a particular fabric before placing an order. As the market changes, fabric options offered by wholesale companies can change as well. These changes often leave you with fabric swatch cards that are no longer useful as tools for helping customers preview fabric selections.

While you may be tempted to throw your old fabric swatch cards in the garbage, here are three creative things that you can do with the fabric swatches instead.

1. Create colorful keychains.

Having a bright and colorful keychain can easily help you locate your keys inside of a large bag or purse. The small size of fabric swatch cards makes these pieces of fabric the perfect resource when it come to sewing your own keychain.

Just find a couple of complementary swatches and place the backsides of each swatch together. Cut a whimsical shape from the fabric, sew around the edges, and decorate with rhinestones or beads. Sew a loop onto the bottom of your keychain, thread a round key holder through the loop, and enjoy your new keychain.

2. Make a patchwork pillowcase.

You can easily combine several fabric swatches to create a patchwork pillowcase that can be used to decorate your home. Find several swatches in colors and patterns that will complement one another. Trim the swatches to varying sizes, then piece them together in an aesthetically pleasing way until you have created a large rectangle out of the smaller swatches.

Sew the swatches to one another, then add a solid-colored back panel and sew the patchwork panel to this back panel to complete your pillowcase. Insert a pillow form and place the pillow on your bed or a side chair to give your fabric swatches a new purpose.

3. Make a memory game for your child.

Children love to play memory games, and you can easily convert your old fabric scraps into a fun memory game for your child. All you have to do is cut out some squares from a large piece of posterboard.

Cut two circles from each fabric swatch, and glue each circle onto one of your square cutouts. Your child will enjoy turning the cards over to reveal the fabric on the backside and attempting to find the matching fabric swatch on another card.

Using your old fabric swatches to create a keychain, patchwork pillowcase, or memory game can be a great way to give new life to obsolete fabric swatch cards in the future.