3 Helpful Tips When Purchasing Laundry Machines For A Laundromat Business

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3 Helpful Tips When Purchasing Laundry Machines For A Laundromat Business

14 December 2019
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If you're looking to start your own laundromat business, you'll need to invest in a bunch of commercial laundry machines. This is an important purchase and to ensure you don't make costly mistakes, remember these tips. 

Decide on a Condition

One of the most important factors of this purchase, in terms of costs, is the condition. If you don't want to spend a bunch of money — at least initially — you'll want used laundry machines. Since these units have seen action, you'll need to carefully examine each one thoroughly. You may even want to test them out to ensure they're in great shape.

If you want to ensure your laundry machines hold up for a long time, new units are a better investment. You will pay a lot more money, but you're guaranteed pristine units that probably will come equipped with a lot of new features and specs. 

Purchase From a Reputable Supplier 

There are a lot of suppliers that offer commercial laundry machines for business professionals like yourself, so you should look at a variety of brands and types to see what works for you. Your needs may be different than the other laundromat across town, so you may need different machines than they have.

Start by seeing what other clients like yourself feel about various laundry machine suppliers today. You want to see mostly all positive feedback regarding a supplier's product longevity, ease of maintenance, and cleaning effectiveness. You also want to go with a supplier that's charging you a fair amount, which you can find out by comparing prices from different companies. 

Opt For User-Friendly Design

When customers go into a laundromat, they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. They don't want to mess with a bunch of controls and get confused right off the bat. It is thus important to look for commercial laundry machines with a user-friendly design.

Ideally, your machines don't have a lot of buttons. An on and off switch coupled with different cycle options should be all that's included. It may even be necessary to choose laundry machines with a set of instructions included on the side or top, just in case customers have never used this type of equipment before. 

Starting a laundromat can be a successful business venture, especially if you purchase the right laundry machines. With research and patience, you can choose laundry machines that set your business up for success right out of the gate.