Why You Might Want A Vinyl Shed Instead Of One Made Of Wood Or Metal

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Why You Might Want A Vinyl Shed Instead Of One Made Of Wood Or Metal

27 March 2019
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If your garage is stuffed full of lawn equipment and tools, you'd probably appreciate having a shed on your property. This gives you more room in your garage for parking your car or building a workshop. You can build a shed out of metal, wood, or vinyl fairly easily if you have DIY skills and you buy a kit that includes all of the parts. Some kits even come with floors so you don't necessarily need to pour a slab first. Vinyl is a popular choice in sheds and here's why you might prefer vinyl over metal or wood.

Advantages Of Vinyl Sheds Over Metal

One problem with metal is that it dents fairly easily. If you hit the shed with a mower or if one of your kids throws a ball against it, the shed could dent or scratch. Another problem with metal is that it can rust if you don't repair rust spots fast before they spread. Vinyl is a tough material that doesn't rust. Vinyl doesn't dent either so you don't have to worry about the shed looking beat up after several years.

It's possible to scratch vinyl, but scratches are hard to see since they blend in with the vinyl. Instead of being painted, vinyl has color added when it's made so the color goes all the way through. This makes scratches difficult to see.

Advantages Of Vinyl Over Wood Sheds

A wood shed needs maintenance to keep it in good shape. You'll have to paint it every few years and that might entail power washing it first and scraping off peeling paint. Plus, wood can deteriorate and splinter due to rot from dampness or insect damage. Birds might also bother a wood shed, and if holes develop, then snakes and other pests can find their way inside. The natural tendency of wood to deteriorate means you'll need to make timely repairs and protect the wood so it has a long life.

A vinyl shed never needs to be painted. Plus, the material stays firm and snug since it doesn't warp, rot, or decay. You may want to wash the shed occasionally to get rid of grass clippings, dirt, and spider webs, but you won't have very much maintenance to do over the years.

While looks are a matter of preference, you may find a Duramax vinyl storage sheds to be attractive. You can buy shed kits with windows and shutters so they look like cute tiny houses. Even if appearance isn't all that important, you'll appreciate having a shed to hold all your yard tools that you don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining.