3 Tips That Will Help You Get To The Top Of The Pile With HR When Applying To Mining Companies

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3 Tips That Will Help You Get To The Top Of The Pile With HR When Applying To Mining Companies

11 December 2018
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Mining may not be for everyone, but for others, getting a job in the mining industry is a life goal. The positions are rewarding, and they provide a good living wage, long-term job security, and endless opportunities for advancement as their skill set and knowledge base increases.

As such, there is often tremendous competition for mining jobs, especially entry-level positions. You can potentially get your foot in the door with human resources, however, by ensuring you meet key requirements at the time of your application. Here is what you should know.

Complete Heavy Equipment Training

Applicants who have absolutely zero experience operating heavy equipment will have a hard time finding a mining job. Because of the skill required to operate large pieces of expensive machinery, many companies are reluctant to hire unskilled workers. The potential risk is just to high, and they need people who know what they are doing right out of the box.

So, how do you get experience? You complete a trades course that systematically teaches you everything you need to know in order to operate the equipment. Many technical schools have programs that grant certificates and degrees in heavy equipment operation.

Alternatively, if you are mechanically inclined, you may want to enroll in a program that trains you to repair the equipment if operating it isn't your goal. Qualified mechanics are always in demand as every piece of machinery that is down in costing the company money.

Get Your Commercial Driver's License

Having the ability to drive vehicles that require someone with a commercial driver's license to be behind the wheel will give you an edge over other applicants. There are many semi-truck driving schools where it takes a mere 8 weeks or less to go through training and get your license. You can also get additional endorsements, such as necessary for carrying hazardous materials or double and triple trailers.

Get A Pre-Employment Medical Screening

Mining is a tough job, and mining companies need employees who are in good shape to perform the duties of the job. A pre-employment medical screening will show a prospective employer that you have the physical strength and endurance to meet their requirements. A company that extends an offer of employment will likely make you go to their physicians for another physical as a condition of employment, but having one done on your own shows initiative as well as your health. You can also add a drug and alcohol screening. For additional recommendations, check with HR for mining companies