Four Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard For Your Retail Store

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Four Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard For Your Retail Store

8 May 2017
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When it comes to protecting your retail store's inventory, there are lots of different options available to you. One option to consider is hiring a security guard. Here are just some of the many benefits of this added layer of security for your store.

Deterrent For Shoplifting

Having a security guard posted at the entrance of your store provides a visible deterrent for shoplifters. They may feel that they are being watched more closely when there is a uniformed guard at the door, and it can even deter some potential shoplifters from even walking through the door. Your guard should be posted at the door past the last possible point of purchase so he or she can stop or question anyone who was seen shoplifting.

Help In Emergencies

Having a security guard doesn't necessarily mean having a person who doesn't move from the front door all day. Look for a security company that requires its staff to undergo extensive training, including CPR certification and crisis management. CPR training is invaluable in the event that a customer or a retail worker has a medical emergency, as he or she can render aid while you wait on first responders. Crisis management training can equip your security guard to help deescalate potentially violent situations, such as customers who have threatened your staff with physical harm.

Customer Service Assistance

Believe it or not, but your security guard can also provide customer service. You can request that your guard greet each customer upon entering the store, and that he or she bid customers a good day as they leave. Work with your security company to hire guards who are friendly and able to help build the reputation of your store as a safe and pleasant place to shop.

Feelings of Safety

Your staff may feel more safe at work every day knowing that there is a security guard posted at all times, and your customers may feel that they have someone in authority to turn to if they feel threatened at any point while shopping. Posting a security guard at your door tells your customers and your employees that you care about their safety. If your staff has to transport money to the bank at the end of the day, your security guard can also provide protection while your employees deposit each day's funds for an added feeling of safety.

As you go over your shrink and loss prevention goals for the year, consider these benefits of hiring a security guard. Whether you hire an armed or unarmed guard, having a visible sign of authority in your store can help to protect your business. To learn more about hiring a security guard, check out websites like