Moving To A New Home? Benefits Of Renting A Moving Truck

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Moving To A New Home? Benefits Of Renting A Moving Truck

5 May 2017
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If you are moving to a new home, you have to decide how you want your furniture and other items to get to the new location. One thing you can do is to rent a moving truck and move the things on your own.  Below are some benefits of choosing to do this so you can decide if this would be right for you.

Get All You Need

When you rent a moving truck, you have many options available to you, such as in the size of the truck and accessories available. Once you choose the truck, talk with the rental company about accessories they offer. For example, they may provide things like thick blankets to put over your furniture for protection or dollies if you need to move large items.

Many truck rental companies will also provide you with boxes that you need at an inexpensive price. This is much easier and quicker than trying to find boxes on your own.

Choose One Way Rental

Many moving truck companies will allow you to return the rental truck in your area instead of having to worry about driving back to your old home to return it. This is especially beneficial if you are moving long distances, as in a case like this it would take you a lot of time and money to get the track back to the first location. There may be an extra charge for this but it may be minimal.

Save Money

Renting a moving truck is much less expensive when compared to hiring a moving company to move your things for you. You can also take more time, as you can rent the truck for a specified length of time. If you hire a moving company you will likely have a set time that you have to move and if you go over this time they will likely charge more money. Even if you have to rent more than one moving truck it would still be the less expensive option.

Offer More Services

If you need help when it comes to moving, some rental moving truck companies will offer their assistance. For example, you may want to pack your small items on your own, but need help with the larger items, such as your furniture. Ask the truck rental company if you can hire a person for a day to get your truck loaded for you. They will also know how to properly load the truck so your items will stay safe during the move.

You may have to get a special license to drive a large truck so make sure you check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Sites like can help you find more information.