Expand the Customer Base for Your Bodybuilding Supplements with Custom Shipping and Packaging Solutions

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Expand the Customer Base for Your Bodybuilding Supplements with Custom Shipping and Packaging Solutions

28 April 2017
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One of the most important things about running a bodybuilding supplement company is the ability to efficiently ship out your products. It's no use having a full line of protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and amino acids if they are sitting on the warehouse shelves and you cannot ship them out in a timely manner or in proper packaging. People might like to try your company's products, but if it's not convenient for them to order items from your website, they may move on to another supplement company and hand them their business. So, here are some ways to make sure you don't turn off potential customers with poor packaging options.  

Try Out Tester Sample Packs

Many people like to try out flavors before buying a huge tub of protein. There is nothing worse than getting a 5lb tub of a whey protein powder only to find out you can't stand it. So you should offer up sample tester packs. This allows customers to see what your chocolate, vanilla, and other flavors taste like. To make shipping super affordable, you could use sealable envelopes that have a single serving. There is no reason to have to pack up a box with small plastic tubs. That's too much for a sample tester. Just get a supply of food-grade sealable envelopes from a custom packaging company. You can have them design the outside of the envelopes with your logo and the flavor (the same design that is used on the larger tubs).

Protect Glass Containers with Modern Packing Peanut Technology

You might have opted to package amino acids and pre-workout supplements in glass containers. Many of the really high-end supplement companies use glass, and if you're looking to compete with them, you don't want to have to switch to plastic just for shipping. Your customers might be super sensitive to BPA or any of the other issues associated with plastic.

You can get a packing company to supply you with modern packing peanuts. You can get modern, eco-friendly packing peanuts that are biodegradable and fill the box with these so the glass bottles won't break. It's a good bet that quite a few of the people ordering your products will also be aware of environmental issues and they will like the fact that your company uses green packing solutions.

Stock Your Warehouse with a Variety of Custom Boxes

Of course, it's a bad idea to just ship out everything in the same box. The person ordering a single bottle of amino acids won't need the same packing supplies that someone who is ordering two 5lb tubs of whey protein and a full assortment of pre-workout supplements needs. So it's a great idea to stock all sizes of custom shipping boxes so that you're not wasting money using extra-large boxes and filling them with packing peanuts to fill the empty space.