Why Your Home Might Limit Your Bathtub Options

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Why Your Home Might Limit Your Bathtub Options

26 April 2017
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When hunting for the perfect bathtub, there are sometimes limitations that you will need to consider. Bathtubs can come in many shapes, sizes and types, but your home may require that you purchase a smaller bathtub unless you make modifications to your home.

How Much Space You Have

if your home has limited space, a common bathtub is the 3-wall alcove. The bathtub is usually sandwiched between a wall and a built-in storage cabinet. It is also common for a wall-mounted shower to be attached. 

Whether You Have A Senior

If you have a senior living with you, most bathtubs may not be suitable for him or her. It might instead be necessary to purchase a walk-in bathtub. These tubs come with hydrotherapy options that can be very soothing for a senior. Jet systems use high-volume, low pressure pumps to create the right water-to-air ratio. There are usually built-in seats so that your senior does not have to stand throughout his or her bath. It is also a good idea to choose a tub with a quick drain system that will allow your senior to not have to wait too long for the tub to be drained before getting out.

The Strength Of Your Hot Water Heater

Another limitation is the power of your hot water system. Depending on how large your tub is, you will need a hot water heater that will produce enough hot water for the gallons of water that a tub can hold. Otherwise, as you are filling up your tub, the water will turn cold and your bath will not be as comfortable. 

Whether You Want A Shower

Determine whether you want a shower. Some bathtubs do not allow for the installation of a shower. However, if you have more than one bathroom, you may be able to install a shower in another part of your home.

The Strength Of Your Floor

Your floor may not be able to support a heavy tub, which may force you to shop for lighter tubs. Tubs made out of acrylic are strong and also light-weight. Also, the floor underneath your tub might need to be reinforced.

Whether You Have An Enclosure

If you would like a drop-in bathtub, you will need a separate enclosure. These are not considered a part of the bathtub, so make sure to budget for this extra construction if you do not already have one. While there are some limitations to the bathtub you could purchase for your home, there is a perfect bathtub for any home at bathtub manufacturers near you.