Understanding The Different Packing Peanut Colors

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Understanding The Different Packing Peanut Colors

24 April 2017
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If you have a business and need to ship your products or if you are scheduling a move and need to pack up your things, then you will need to purchase the correct type of packaging materials from a place like Portland Packaging Co Inc. You likely understand that packing peanuts are a standard type of material. However, when you go to purchase the peanuts, then you may notice that there are several different colors to choose from. The different colors indicate different types of peanuts. Keep reading to understand some of the common colors you may see and what these colors mean.

White Or Green

If you see white or green packing peanuts, then these are the general use packing materials that you are likely to see at your local moving or packing supplier. The peanuts are made from polystyrene. If the peanuts are white, then they are likely made from new polystyrene materials. The green coloring indicates that the peanuts are made from a significant amount of recycled polystyrene. The peanuts act and work the same, so go with the green varieties if you want to be environmentally friendly.

The general use packing peanuts come in a variety of shapes and sized, but they typically offer the same protection from damage when shipping items. If you want to use less of the peanuts, then look for ones that come in a figure 8 shape. These peanuts have an open space in the middle where air can help with cushioning.


If you notice brown or beige peanuts at your local shipping store, then these are likely ones that are made out of biodegradable materials. Biodegradable peanuts are made from soy, wheat, or starch. The natural materials typically give the peanuts and off-white or cream color. However, soy products make the peanuts appear more beige. 

The biodegradable peanuts work in the same way that the polystyrene varieties do. However, the peanuts can be degraded when you are done using them. Simply cover the peanuts in a little bit of water when you are done using them. This will create a paste that can then be thrown away, placed in your compost bin, or flushed down the drain. 


If you see pink packing peanuts at your local home or shipping store, then these are anti-static peanuts. If you have ever shipped an item and noticed that the peanuts have clung to your clothing and also to the shipping box, then you know that polystyrene is a material that creates a substantial electrical charge. This can be a very bad thing if you need to ship electronics.

Pink peanuts are made from polystyrene in most cases, but an anti-static coating is applied to the material to reduce static issues.