Ensure That Your Strike Staffing Security Service Can Offer Protection In These Ways

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Ensure That Your Strike Staffing Security Service Can Offer Protection In These Ways

24 April 2017
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A personnel strike is the last thing you want to encounter when you run a company, but it's always important to have a plan for reacting to such an issue. Strike staffing companies can provide the necessary workforce that will allow your operation to continue to run while your striking employees are on the picket line. Many such companies also have a security department, which you can hire to ensure that the strikers act in a cordial manner and don't threaten the replacement workers, company management, or even your premises. Here are some different ways that a strike staffing security service can help.

Strike Location Security

You can count on your strike staffing security service being present to provide physical security at any strike locations. In many cases, striking workers will picket the area around your office or other business locations, which may be problematic for replacement workers or even customers who are supporting your business. Security personnel will ensure that striking workers obey the law and don't become too disruptive; everyone has the right to strike, but not if it's done in a hazardous or threatening manner, and your security personnel will strive to keep things cordial.

Management Accompaniment

If the strike is particularly contentious, you may be concerned when you or members of the management team travel to meetings or other events in the city. It's possible that angry strikers could follow you or your managers and be disruptive. For example, if you have managers attending an important meeting at a local conference center, strikers may choose to picket the area and disrupt the proceedings. Your strike staffing company can make sure that this doesn't happen by traveling to the new location — and even driving you or your managers — and maintaining a physical presence to help avoid issues with strikers.

Asset Protection

You have several important assets, including your office and any other locations such as warehouses, vehicles, and other things that you own. During a strike, these assets may be threatened by angry strikers who may wish to commit acts of vandalism. Spray painting aggressive slogans on your buildings or knifing the tires of your vehicles can be costly in terms of time and money to fix, but may also harm your reputation in the meantime. Members of your strike staffing security service will maintain a presence in any necessary locations, as well as employ security cameras and other security techniques, to ensure that your assets stay protected.