Offer New Greening And Healthy Plumbing Products That Residential And Commercial Customers Want

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Offer New Greening And Healthy Plumbing Products That Residential And Commercial Customers Want

21 April 2017
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When the greening of just about every business started in America, it was no surprise that plumbing services would dive into the trend, and they did. Today with so many new service trends in the industry,  overall commercial and residential clients clamor for innovative state-of-the art services that are not only business-friendly but kind to the environment as well. The greening of plumbing companies is not a fad that will fade away. An impressive percentage of retailers who offer plumbing products say that their customers make it clear when buying products that they want green products for their plumbing systems. You should include these products in your plumbing company and witness the upsurge in your business growth. Capitalize on these trends and reap profits.

Plumbing Plugged Into Technology

Plumbers are plugged into technology, and modern plumbers are aware that new technology makes the job easier for them to perform. New technology enables them to offer their customers the best services and products. Technology also benefits those working in the industry to effectively manage their offices and fleet of motor vehicles. So the industry continues to evolve. For plumbing contractors, technology helps them in a variety of ways.

Wasting Water When Sprinklers Continuously Run 

There can be no more wasting of water via sprinkler systems because people forget to turn the water off before leaving their residences. There is no need for commercial automatic sprinkler systems to continuously spray gallons of water on prized lawns before someone realizes the water should have been turned off.

Shutting Down Sprinklers Based On Weather Reports

 Automation technology automatically handles sprinkler systems on both commercial and residential properties based on weather reports that automatically shuts them down. There is also new dishwasher technology that recycles the rinsing water cycle. With this recycling of rinsing water, an average family can possibly save about 700 gallons of water annually. Your plumbing company will experience increased profits when you offer these services that are popular with customers.

Touchless Toilet And Faucets

A toilet, no matter how sleek and grand it appears, is a major area for germs to collect. Residential customers are on the hunt for toilet plumbing technology that doesn't require them to touch the toilet or faucets. Technology has that request covered by introducing touchless toilets and faucets. All customers have to do is close the toilet lid and then wash their hands. All you have to do is stock the items.

Bathroom Music And LED Lights

Stock and introduce bathroom music that's now emerging in the plumbing industry, and customers like this feature. Add LED lights to your for sale listing, and watch your clients rush for LED lights that are fitted into toilet bowls especially for nighttime use. LED lights in bathroom sinks glow red or blue. The glowing indicates water temperature. 

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