Four Great Gift Options For Your Special Lady That Can Be Purchased At A Pawn Shop

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Four Great Gift Options For Your Special Lady That Can Be Purchased At A Pawn Shop

19 May 2016
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When it is time to get the woman in your life a special gift, but you are on a tight budget, it can be hard to know what to get. Pawn shops can be a great place to get the gift you want while sticking to your budget. The following guide walks you through a few items at pawn shops that may make great gifts for your special lady. 


Pawn stores have jewelry from every style, metal, and gemstone available for you to purchase. If you do not know the size ring your lady wears, consider purchasing her a watch, bracelet, or necklace. A longer chain can easily be purchased if a necklace is not long enough and links can be added or removed from a watch to make it fit perfectly. The jewelry is still the same quality you would find at a large jewelry store, but for a fraction of what you would normally pay. 

Fur Coats

Pawn shops have all different types of fur coats available for you to choose. Choose between fox, mink, and even chinchilla coats. They are available at waist-length, hip-length, or full length depending on the style your lady likes. The fit of fur coats can be unique to each jacket so you may want to take your lady into the shop with you so that she can choose the coat that fits her taste and body the best. 


Pawn shops sell collectibles, such as collectible baskets, coins, or movie memorabilia, as well. If your lady has a love of a particular movie or sport, you could easily buy a prop that was used in a movie, an autographed ball, or a picture of their favorite musician or actor. 


Pawn shops often have great designer purses available for a fraction of what they cost in a retail environment. The shop will authenticate the purses before they sell them so that you can rest assured that you are buying your lady a genuine designer purse when you shop at the pawn shop. Be sure to choose a purse that is large enough to carry all of the items your lady likes to carry with her on a daily basis with ease. 

No matter what holiday you are shopping for, a pawn shop, like Pomona Pawn Shop, is sure to have something that will serve as the perfect gift for your special lady. The gift will be affordable, yet still of great quality, so that she knows you took the time to find her a gift you knew she would like.